Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Inner Voice Part 1

I'm a lot more spiritual now then I was when I did this program the first time.  Thinking back I really didn't pay too much credence to the "Inner Voice" thing. The funniest part about what follows is Devlyn calls me the "rational and scientific" to his "go from the gut" feelings.  Which is true, I tend to be the one to provide why and what is happening on a physiological and neurological level when he just "goes from the gut."  That being said, what I'm about to say should give some more weight to what many la-la new age thinkers preach.  

Inner voice:, it's one of my most important parts of my life.  As I said, I'm fairly spiritual now, you can call me crazy or stupid, etc etc, I don't care, but here is what I now know: What Devlyn calls your "inner voice" has many names throughout history in many different religions.  Some call it God, your guardian angel, your intuition, etc.  

In the New Age circle, the simplest definition is what is called your "Higher Self"  this is the part of you that is connected to the universe and everything around you, it's what is connected to God because it is a part of God, it is a part of everything.

Because...everything is connected to everything.  I am connected to you, to the Earth, to every single speck of matter and energy because that is what we are, in the end we are all made of the same stuff, energy, and is all connected in the quantum soup of the universe.  
Christianity has a concept that we are "Made in the image of God."  I, and many others have taken this further and to me it's much more powerful. We aren't just made "in the image" of God, we ARE the same thing.  Our inner self, our higher self, is connected to God because it's part of God, because it's all the same thing.

Words do not do this justice.

When I am most connected to my higher self, I am the most at peace, the most comfortable, the relaxed and the most un-phased by everything terrible that happens everyday.  When I am the most distressed, I can feel I don't have that same connection.
You may be asking, "well what is the difference between you and your higher self, by admitting you are you, you admit you are something different."  Yes, I agree and no I don't. 


The larger your ego is, the more you identify yourself as a separate thing with importance, the more you suffer.  The less connected you are to that inner voice and chances are you are less happy.

I know what I'm about to say next makes me sound even crazier to most but when I'm most connected to my higher self I am clairvoyant.  Yes, I'm talking 6th sense.  That being said I don't think I'm special. I think everyone has this skill just like everyone has the other 5 sense, but it's something that must be worked at and practiced.

It's quite simple really.  I tend to pick up what other people are putting down, regardless of words or if I can even see them.  It's closer to a type of empathy where you just understand what they are feeling.  My close friends all know this as truth.  I'm often able to discern their moods and demeanor without even speaking to them, in fact I email them out of the blue asking how they are doing and they don't even question it anymore with "How did you know I was feeling this way?" They just respond.

Interestingly as well, the stronger someone else is connected to his/her higher self or if he/she is very separated from his/her higher self, it's much easier to pick up on these people.  Meaning people who are super happy or people who are super depressed are much easier to read.  Now think about that. Regardless of  if you believe me about a 6th sense you have all been able to tell is someone is livid pissed or depressed and if someone is beaming with happiness and it's not just seeing their faces, you can feel it, you can identify with it.  

I ponder this effect on my close friends as well.  When I got super depressed last week, I started getting random texts out of the blue from all my friends, "Are you OK?" "What's going on."  They knew! They could feel something was wrong with me.  They didn't know what, only that something felt different.

Masculine energy is defined as "presence" and feminine as "radiance,"  the stronger connection to higher self the more you will be "feel" these people.  Devlyn Steele has one of the strongest "presences" I have ever met, he's in the top 3, go figure.  He's the type of guy who can walk into a room and heads turn, I saw this happen first hand.  Think about that! We have all heard or seen people that have such powerful energy around them that simply by entering into a room, people who can not seem them, AT ALL, stop, turn around to see what is there. The people turning may not even know why they turned, something just kind of told them to check it out.  You may have even been one of these people, I know I have.

I have a ton more to say on the "inner voice" but I'm going to break it into another post.  This is what my brain does, it gets massive swarms of information coming through onto my radar at the same time, then I have to make sense of it all and turn it into something beautiful. I am the Creator.

For now I will say this: 6th Chakra activation, Indigo children, leads to 7th Chakra, aka higher self, receiving information, clam in the storm, acceptance, trust yourself, connection, thoughts are creative forces, release, power, energy, presence and radiance, pleasing

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