Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Catching negative thoughts

Day 2 is about catching yourself saying bad things. It's easier said than done.  I continue to struggle with rationality vs emotion.  I say negative things about myself all the time...most people do.  The second I say them I know they are untrue on a rational level.

I know I'm not stupid
know I'm not worthless
know I'm not fat

Yet, how can you help how you feel.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches us that all emotions are proceeded by thoughts.  It is ALWAYS a thought that leads to the chemical release of what we know as emotions.

So I ponder this conundrum, now an expert in the TOOLS methodology and CBT system, how is it possible for me to logically know what I'm saying isn't true, yet still feel all the negative emotions.

Devlyn says something that is going to be a big part of my next 90 days, "Her perception ruled her brain."

A huge part of major work in CBT is understanding and changing your core values.  Your core values dictate your perception.  It takes a LOT of work to change your core values.  I know over the years I have altered them and I'm thinking it happens like plateau effect.

We talk about this a lot in snowboard instruction.  When you are learning anything, you can take in a ton of information and process a bunch of it quickly, this shows as a quick rise in skill, then as time goes on you don't progress nearly as much as you simply perfect what you know.

Then, there is a breakthrough and you repeat the cycle at a higher level.

I've been doing this for 23 years as a snowboarder.  You work and work, it gets to the point where you see almost no more change, then something clicks and you "get it." and now you can move to a higher level.

It's like the Universe has a system set up that doesn't allow us to progress until we are ready...

Anyway, plateau, stagnation, contentment....hmm starting to see a theme here.
I'm not content, so it must be time to move on.

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