Sunday, October 26, 2014

Take your time...and shove it.

I myself have already admitted I never feel there is enough...I have't accomplished enough in an allotted time, always in a hurry, must to do more, etc.

I've already admitted I'm crazy by most standards, so now I'm really going to dive into the idea that Time Does Not Exist and why adopting this idea is freeing me from my own self inflicted turmoil and I hope it can do the same for you.

In the Sept 2014 issue of Discover, author Hillary Rosner wrote an article called Forever Young that talks about senescence, aka aging.  I love how ego is built right into science and scientists claim they are "impartial."  The article explains how science is having a tough time understanding aging because it's an assumption, not a fact.  Aging is "a priori" in science meaning it is a given fact and cannot be proven or disproven, therefore it is.  There were several theories to aging but they were just that because improvable. We all know that to assume makes an ass out of u and me.

Speaking on those theories:

"For years scientists have quibbled over which theory [of aging] proved the best.  Now a new branch of the science of aging has sprouted, from a part of the world that, oddly, was excluded before: nature." 

Many plants display negative senescence meaning they are actually getting stronger as time goes on.  The bristle cone pines in northern CA are 5000+ years old.  Science doesn't like this because it doesn't fit in the dogma it's created.  "There's dogma in the literature--which is more oriented toward the cell biology of aging--that wild animals don't actually senesce," says Daniel Nussey.  His point is that science as assumed senesce can be neither proven nor disproven, and now we are doing both through negative senesce.

Time is an illusion: I first received this idea when I was talking to a tree in BC, Canada (told you I was crazy).  Another fascinating topic is how we communicate w/o words but I will leave that for later.  I was simply looking at the tree, not old by any means, only maybe 6" in diameter.  I was looking at the bark and the many razor thin layers that make it up.  They shed, grow more, shed grow more...the old stuff falls to the ground and decomposes back into the earth where it becomes part of the nutrients that feed the tree, thereby becoming part of the thing it once was.

We always use the term "Nature" to describe everything on the planet that isn't us (that's funny too). Sometimes we use the term Mother Nature, and others refer to the entire planet with names like Gaia, Terra, or simply Mother Earth.

The tree, part of nature, sheds the bark and lands on the ground, part of nature, which sits there or  is picked up by an animal, both part of nature, and eventually decomposes back into the earth, part of nature, and becomes fuel for other plants, part of nature.  See the theme yet?  If it's all part of nature at all times, it always is. Now, one million years ago, one million years from now, it doesn't make a difference to nature.  To nature, time isn't there, it always was and always will be...hmm, just like God.

Here's the thing: we always use the term nature to describe everything that isn't us.  What if we are part of nature?

Shed your ego.

You'll have plenty of time to get everything you ever wanted done.

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