Monday, October 13, 2014 is up and running

I've written over 50 pages of thoughts in the past 2 weeks.  I never realized how easy it would be for me to write a book until I just started typing this.  Whether it is a good book is an entirely different story.

I have attempted to take the best of those 50 pages and built it into  Phiolo is the new education system.  I say this because there are multiple facets that extend beyond a school.  There is the Career Services Divsion.  This is where students can go to find a job post high school, or where they will start their application process to the Universities of their choice.

One critical thing that's different about starting a university application at starts in 9th grade.  I posted on the Phiolo blog about University of Texas new campaign talking about how their pumping out the greatest people in the country.  The major thing I took away from the campaign was that UT can indeed help those students become extremely successful by giving them the HOW.  But I saw nothing that supports that UT will supply the BE.

That is what we do at Phiolo. When you live your life with purpose, everything will fall into place.

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