Friday, September 12, 2014

To Serve Others

It's strange, to say the least, what has happened to me.  I continue on this path and quietly ask myself in the back of my head, "Did you actually go crazy?"  By many's standards, I have.  But I have entered a new realm, I call this the realm of the heart because for the first time I'm thinking without words but with feeling.

Thinking with feeling....

I ask myself questions all the time, by now you think I'd know the answers are always nonlinear. I was given my purpose and then I asked, "Ok, where do I start." Shortly after the answer came.  Drunvalo entered my life.  Everything he says resonates with me.  The Egyptians sought the eighth chakra, the 4th dimension, the next life, "The primary experience they sought was to find this doorway and enter the higher worlds...this becomes apparent to almost everyone who reaches for these higher levels: There is only one thing to do when you return to Earth -- serve all life."

So yea, I did this.  Mahara Brenna took me through what she calls the rebirthing experience.  Yea, it's woo-woo to most, but wow.  She doesn't even know me and in 2+ hours she changed my life forever. Others who have gone through this experienced pain, agony, crying, wailing, probably even gnashing of teeth.  It sounded horrible.  Me, I was in pure ecstasy the entire time.  I had tears but I was laughing so hard they were tears of joy.  During this time I did exactly what Drunvalo talks about, leaving my body, going off into space, creating everything I wanted to, time not existing, yea yea all of that.  When I got back I knew things had changed, but I didn't know how.

The next day whilst plotting out my intensions it came to me.  I was specifying the intension of removing all monetary debt to be free to do as I choose.  They said, "No, that isn't it, you know better." And I was like, "But I have to do this stuff first to get to the hard one."  And They were like, "No, this is it, this is the reason you are here."  I explicitly wrote out my new intention, the reason I was put here, my Cosmic Contract.

What is it? Simple, to serve all life.
How am I going to do that?  Oh, that is a completely different question and the reason this blog exists. Well, technically the reason this blog exists is to simply lay out my thoughts.  No, I'm not one of those tools who is going to change the world by writing down words, this is simply a Web Log aka Blog.

I'm always doing everything backwards.  Finding the answer, then getting to the questions...non linear. After I remembered what I came to do, I found this Ted Talk from Adam Leipzig.

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