Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's create 1 percenters

Core Value: Love is everything, the more we love the happier we become

Creating 1%ers, I love this idea; it gets people so fired up.  My sister lost her shit when I told her I wanted to create a school of 1%ers.  She actually became blind with rage, which is exactly what I wanted, it got her attention.

If the 1% hold 99% of the wealth, they can easily help pay for the at least 50% of everything.  That is to say, if they are taught the joy of giving from a very early young age, they will give back and they will have ample money to help those who got them there, viz. Phiolo.

The first thing my sister said is, "They will never help you, they are too greedy, your entire system doesn't make sense."  I smiled and simply replied, "I'm creating 1%ers, not starting with them."  If I can take a kid living on the streets with a family income under $20k/year and give him a reason to live and love life.  When he becomes successful he will not forget who helped him and he will want everyone to succeed just as he did.

This system is built out of Love, it can not fail.

Furthermore, the more kids we turn into 1%ers, eventually the 1% will be 2%.  2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 10.  Within a generation I see us at least back to 80/20.  All of a sudden we have distributed the wealth!  Whoops, did I do that? This system will eradicate the 1%ers by creating 1%ers.

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