Friday, September 26, 2014

Money is a great thing

Core Value: Money is an important tools that helps you achieve success

I am a huge fan of Capitalism in it's native form.  Before you can say a word of criticism I suggest reading the original author on Capitalism, Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations, then read Marx's Communist Manifesto.  I actually love Marx's system as well.  The problem with it is Marx believed we ultimately were all good people and essentially you needed a Utopian society to make Communism work.  That is to say you needed to simply be happy being a Doctor and after spending 30+ years in school you were equally rewarded as the custodian mopping the floor who only received 8 years at best.

People feel the need to be rewarded for their actions in proportion to the effort they put in.  Granted this is different for everyone which has lead to our Entitlement Generation, but that is another topic.

Capitalism is a beautiful system designed to encourage growth and, by definition, it must always act in accordance what is best for the system.  To do harm to the system is, by definition, not being Capitalist. It is a self correcting system.  Furthermore Smith has one sentence in his book that the world has pondered ever since written; Capitalism is guided by The Invisible Hand.  Also, it's important to understand Smith didn't invent Capitalism, he very clearly states all he is doing is writing down what he sees.  Capitalism evolved to serve society.

People are misinformed on what Capitalism means.  Burning Man is called the "Anti-Capitalist" event because you give everything away.  Again, in the words of St Francis, "To give, is to receive."  Furthermore, how was all that stuff acquired to give away?  Capitalism has a huge part in it.

Money is not the root of all evil.  That is something poor people say.  Harv Eker has written several books on the subject and I encourage everyone to read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. In fact, many of my ideas on education have come from Mr. Eker and his Peak Potential courses.  Mr. Eker and I actually share almost the exact same vision, except I want to focus on our youth.  He focused on adults who are now motivated to learn.  Those are eager learners that are easy to teach, helping the kids find motivation is what I'm concerned with.

Money is not the root of all evil, but it doesn't make you happy either.  This was already covered in To Serve Others and Adam Leipzig's Ted Talk.  Money is a tool you use.  We need money to make things happen.  Capitalism rewards systems that work by generating money, which can in turn further improve the system.

The current education system is fundamentally flawed in many ways.  Intent has been covered, now let's cover fiscal policy.  Schools get funding from basically 1 source, the government.  Colleges do have alumni that give back and that is a great thing, but that makes up very little of the funding. most is derived from Government funding.  Tuition is also another source, but that is just an alumni who hasn't graduated yet.  I've said this repeatedly, Time is an illusion, take away time and what is the difference between a student and alumni?  Furthermore, tuition is a small amount comparing to government funding.  This is why private schools cost so much more, they don't get government funding.

In Capitalism, if something isn't working, it's not rewarded and it dies away.  What if we created an education system that rewards itself.  In our current school system there is no motivation for improvement.  Kids simply get pushed through the system because there is no penalty for not pushing them through the system.  The school is rewarded with more money regardless of student performance.  This breeds mediocrity.  There are standards and state tests, but once again, what is their intent?  The intent is to teach the how, not the be.  

This even happens in college; students pay a tuition and they are supposed to be motivated by this, however if they don't succeed, the school doesn't care, it just takes their money and keeps going. Professors are notorious for not caring, they care about their craft, not educating others, it is for this reason they make such terrible teachers.  We always laughed, when I was getting my Masters in Education almost every professor told us they were absolutely terrified to teach us because they knew our success depended on them and we had no hesitation in telling them they sucked at their job.  Most students won't do this because they aren't students of education.

I know there are a ton of teachers out there that deeply care for their students, but they are plugged into a flawed system and trying to fix it from the inside out.  As I stated before, it can't be fixed.  With no motivation to improve, schools simply drudge along.  If the schools success depends on the success of the students, then we are getting somewhere.  Then we have a Capitalistic education system.

We create students who have their 10,000 hours in by the time they are 12.  Then aren't fully balanced across all subjects, but are you?  They love what they are doing and they love sharing their gift.  These are the types of people who will be heavily recruited and they may not even be out of high school.  Is there any doubt they will be super successful? They will be taught from a young age that there is nothing wrong with money and giving their art to others; their gift and their money results in their happiness.  The new education system is funded by the students, which eventually become alumni. The system will only succeed if the students succeed.

Furthermore, with a growing population of alumni, more and more money will come back into the system allowing it to further grow and expand itself.  A perfect Capitalist system.

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